Taking Composites
to the Extreme

Technique Composites are a high quality composite design and manufacturing company.

We have a production facility capable of handling most jobs, whether they be bespoke one-off or larger production runs.

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Technique Composites can produce a range of automotive components, from producing patterns and moulds to finished components in a variety of lay-ups.

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Technique Composites have produced products such as this tow-along sleeping trailer, these have been used in running around-the-world records and Artic expeditions.

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Technique Composites have produced many commercial products, from fibre glass compressor housings, sparkly fairground boardings and this amazing Santa.

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Manufacture of Automotive and Motorsports components in GRP and Carbon Fibre.


Manufacture of various composite items for recreational uses from, running trailers, jet-skis, bikes, canoes and skeleton sleighs.


Manufacture of a variety of GRP products, bi-spoke one-offs and multi-production runs.


Engineering facility to compliment the GRP/FRP components, and specialist fabrication.